Proteomics Core Facility Cologne

Rules and Guidelines for Proteomics Facility Usage during Covid-19


General remarks

  • The facility labs are closed to non-facility staff! Sample preparation is only possible in the customers’ home labs. Chemicals for sample preparation are still available from predefined places in the rooms 1.005 and 1.020 (see corresponding markings) or the fridge/freezer combination in the CECAD entrance hall without the attendance of facility staff.
  • Samples can be delivered in the same manner to the cold storage room 1.005 or the fridge/freezer in the CECAD entrance hall without contact to the facility staff. However, please inform the corresponding facility by mail or phone prior to sample deposition so it can be taken care of in a timely manner.
  • In case of questions, please refrain from direct interaction with the facility staff and stick to phone or email.
  • During both chemical pickup and sample delivery, infection prevention measures as defined by the CECAD (e.g. distancing, facial mask usage) must be adhered to.
  • No supervised sample preparation for first-time customers is available until further notice, sorry!
  • Experimental consulting and discussion of results is still available via phone or video conference.

Specific remarks

  • SP3 samples must not be stored in the cold storage room but in the marked freezer in room 1.020.
  • Chemicals for the customers are available in the cold room 1.005. Enzymes are available in the marked freezer in room 1.020.
  • The small sample preparation lab 1.007 is closed to non-facility staff!