Proteomics Core Facility Cologne

Mass Spectrometry

Our state-of-the-art laboratory features multiple hybrid high-resolution mass spectrometers including quadrupole ion trap, quadrupole time-of-flight, and several latest generation quadrupole Orbitrap instruments. This diverse range of mass spectrometers empowers us to offer various analytical services, tailored to the biological questions of our clients.


All mass spectrometers are coupled to UPLC systems, enabling reproducible gradient delivery in nano or capLC configurations. We use in-house packed columns, which provide excellent performance for peptide separation. We further operate a standalone HPLC system, dedicated to peptide and protein separation by means of basic reversed phase, size exclusion, and ion exchange chromatography.

Sample Preparation

Our facility houses labspace dedicated to advanced sample preparation. We have implemented the next-generation Single-Pot Solid-Phase-enhanced Sample Preparation technology (SP3), providing unmatched sensitivity for samples containing only minute amounts of protein. Automated liquid handling robotic systems are available for larger cohorts of samples.